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Small but luxurious, small marble dining table and chair sets

If you dining room is a little compact don't worry we have a great range of tables to fit!

Compact marble tables for cosy dining:

If you have a small dining room space for entertaining guests, friends or family then a small marble dining table would be the answer! They're not only space saving, and compact, they would be ideal for modern homes and even though they may be smaller than the grand marble dining tables we have on offer, they still shine of glamour and suggest such a bold statement in your already beautifully decorated dining room.

They would be the focal point of your dining room, with their naturally stunning patterns running through the marble stone, they would create such awe and breath-taking beauty, it wouldn't matter that you have a smaller marble dining table option as it would gleam just as good as a larger one would, if not more because the surface would be smaller and therefore more focus would be on the dazzling marble table top. Some of our small marble-effect dining tables are designed with sleek chrome legs or a single stand and base of shining steel for that all-encompassing contemporary feel, where others have solid matching pedestal base for that luxurious option. All in all, our small dining tables boast lustrous and stylish design, with a simple wipe clean approach and all at an affordable price!

Small marble dining tables:

Small but stunning! Which will you choose?
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