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Contemporary marble dining table and 4 chairs

Choose from small, large, black & white tables

Marble tables with enough seats for all the family:

With our marble dining table and four chair sets starting from as little as £399, you'll wonder why you haven't bought a marble dining table set before! At prices this low it's certainly a cost-effective investment, especially if you ensure that you put the love and care into maintaining your marble dining table; then it will look the same years on as the day you bought it, since they're such a durable material. Our marble dining sets with four chairs come in various colour options, as well as differing shapes; from oval and round to rectangular, there is sure to be the perfect shape and size combination amongst our vast choices to complete your dining room decor.

Not only this there are many diverse bases of our marble dining sets to ensure you find the right option for your dining room. If you're looking for an angular and minimal look then opt for our rectangular marble dining table and four chair sets, but if you're looking for chic, stylish and space saving then try our oval or round marble dining table sets. Each of our sets come with four chairs to perfectly compliment the marble dining table itself, some chairs are contemporary and versatile with hooped legs, while other ones are straight four legs, or sleek chrome legs for that overall luxury feel, faux leather or velvet fabric are just a couple of chair options, we're sure you'll love all of our choices, just remember to use the handy filters to help you narrow down your results, and you'll be enjoying your meals on your own beautiful marble table dining set before you know it!

Marble dining tables with 4 chairs:

Sometimes you just need 4 chairs. Which will you choose?
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